The Left Behind Series and Catholicism

    While reading the first book in the Left Behind series, I noticed how the Catholic Church was attacked. This isn't the overt attack of a "Jack Chick", but more of a subliminal attack one would expect from the ultimate deceiver. Below is a link I found that cover this topic.

    If you are/have read the Left Behind series, or know someone that is/has, it is up to you to get the Truth out to people. This is a huge deception, that millions are falling for. Sit back and think for a second, what a better way for Satan to deceive millions, than to make them believe that there are signs to look for, instead of living your life for/with Christ in every moment. As the link below says, "Look no further! The Antichrist is not some mythic-like creature to pounce on the world from the darkness, it is all of us when we place ourselves before God and his Son, Jesus Christ!"


Left cold by the message in 'Left Behind'
By: Father Brian Doerr and Roseanna Hatke


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