The Importance Of Translation

When considering spoken languages and translations, we often wonder why is translation important at all. Since we all are aware that English is one of the most commonly spoken languages across the world, why can’t all transactions, conversations etc. happen in English itself? That is because of the simple logic that not everyone can speak English.

Not everyone can speak English?

It is true when we consider native speakers; there are almost about 330 million different languages and dialects across the world. Of these, English is still the third most commonly spoken language. However, native speakers still prefer their own language as opposed to English, when it comes to reading, writing or even simple conversations. And this has given birth to the importance of translations and their simultaneous translation service.

English, as a language may be accepted worldwide but still not everyone speaks English. At least not as a first language, and even if people do speak English, they may or may not be most comfortable dealing with important things in English. People may speak basic English, but, using the language to manage important dealings, transactions or reading is not too comfortable. So if transactions and conversations when translated in a person’s first language make things much easier for the general population. You should Save Time and Money with Translation Technology - ProTranslating.

A survey conducted in Europe revealed that just about a quarter of the population that spoke and understood English were actually able to have easy and effective conversations in the language.

Translating to Native Languages makes people more comfortable.

Though English may be the most widely spoken language, it is also true that it is still considered a second language for most population. If a conversation is translated to a person’s own language, the effect is definitely better.

This is especially if you are trying to sell a product or an idea. Even if the person understands English, how well and how comfortable they are in the language cannot be determined. However, if the same thing is translated in a language that the person thinks in, the effect is immeasurable.
It is a strong belief that people find their name as the sweetest sound in any language. But it is also true that the next sweetest thing they hear is their native language.

A study conducted, revealed that a majority of the population prefer products that have details written in their native language. This plays a majority role in consumer sales, especially when the content on the cover is written in their own first language.

So if the contents on the packaging of any product include various translated versions of the original content, it will have a beneficial effect on the overall export sales.

For a product to grow in the international market and make maximum profits the companies will always have to tie up with overseas markets. For the overseas market to extract revenues, the packaging and labeling standards will have to be met, which includes having the content translated into the local language of the land.

Translation makes life easier especially online.

Developing countries are carving a niche for themselves in the global economy, and so their native languages are also fast gaining importance. The Internet is becoming more and more common and easily accessible throughout the world.

With emerging trends, it is not uncommon to have all major social media websites, online shopping websites and information sites to have translated versions according to the local language of the area. This makes life much easier for all those who are most comfortable using their native language or understand English for not more than the basic conversations.

Translations have been used since ages

The importance of translations has been realized years ago and is, in fact, one of the key reasons that we have been able to successfully preserve important data over the years.


  • The data created by ancient Greek Philosopher’s over the Middle Ages would have been lost, had the Arabic Translators not managed to successfully translate the data and preserve it. This is how the ancient Greek Philosophies were able to pass over the years and be retained till date.
  • The Holy books, like the Bible, have been translated into over 500 languages. In this way, no matter what native language you speak, you are able to gain access to the religion and feel the impact of its learning with equal intensity.
  •  In international meets, where people from all over the world come together, it is the translators who are able to bring people on one common platform of communication.


Though English is an extremely powerful language, the impact of a person’s native language is undeniable.


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